A/E/C Project Management Association

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Becoming a part of A/E/C PMA is a strong statement about your commitment to growth and success as a Project Manager in the A/E/C industry.

Membership is available to anyone engaged in the practice of project management on architecture, engineering, or construction projects. When you become a member, you get:

Discussion Forum

Whether you're an experienced project manager (PM) in the architectural, engineering, or construction industry, or a new PM, the AECPMA Discussion Forum helps you network with resources you can rely on for advice and more.

Project Management

Articles offering strategies and tips to improve your project management skills, as well as make a good PM career, great.


Webinars and Podcasts

Whether you are looking to build your skill set or keep ahead of industry trends, you have access to live presentations and on-demand recordings that provide real-world advice, tips, and strategies.



Members have free access to two interactive and expert-led online learning courses. Each gets you one continuing education credit (when you pass the ten-question quiz).

Studies and Reports

Keep on top of the latest trends with AECPMA studies and reports.

PM Certification

Are you ready to take your skills and career to the next level? Becoming an A/E/C PMA Certified Project Manager puts you in the company of some of the best in the business.

Membership Directory

Reach out or reconnect with fellow PMs in the industry.

The A/E/C PMA membership fee is $96/year. Contact us for details on group memberships.